Start you business right!

It’s very easy to start your own business, now more than ever! That’s great for many, but most people just plunge in without any thought and preparation.

I am here to tell you that you do not have to struggle unnecessarily. Most businesses close their doors within 1 to 3 years and do not even reach their 5 year mark, yet I am convinced that no business should fail

The solution? Planning.

Starting a business takes a lot of preparation, and you have to do your homework. So many entrepreneurs have great ideas, yet what they need is an actionable plan for getting to the next level. Ask yourself one question!

Why do I want to start a business?

It makes sense; money and success certainly know how to inspire. But hype isn’t a reason to start a business. Any entrepreneur, investor, or even editor will tell you the best businesses solve a problem.

Be honest with yourself and with your team. Why do you want to start a business? Is it because you want to make a lot of money, or do you see a real need that you have the skills (or the determination) to address?

What’s stopping you?

In the next article, we will consider more questions…

About the author: SDM: Business Solutions

Natasha's experience includes four years in a Client facing role and seven years within an integrated marketing and business development role. Her combined eleven years experience as a hybrid (digital and traditional marketing/advertising)ensures innovative creative campaigns that result in a return on investment. She holds a PR Management qualification obtained at BBC, while satisfying her curiosity in paper making. She then embarked and ensured she understood the fundamentals of negotiation and enrolled at the Gap Negotiation School. Later, she pursued integrated business processes and growth strategies for small businesses. After, completing her diploma in Digital marketing, she embarked on learning Wordpress, Adobe creative suite and social media marketing management. She has certified in Advanced Google Analytics and Google Tag management and is currently completing her BCom but has a keen eye on UX/UI Design. She belongs to the IMA: Internet Marketing Association, ASA: Strategic Marketing Association and IMM: International School of Marketing.

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