Daily Java is a digital platform targeting coffee lovers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and small business owners within the coffee industry. SDM was tasked with creating a virtual community of coffee people. In addition to developing the website platform, our client also required a list of visual  assets to be hosted on the website which was designed by our in-house design and web development team. 

Within the space of a month, we were ready to launch the website. The publication has four different sections – recipes, current news, industry news and trends, as well as a section for entrepreneurs. SDM develops three pieces of content for the publication per week, which includes a 300-400 word article, original images. Each article is checked for SEO and analytics are tracked to check traffic and link clicks.

Additionally, we developed a social media strategy for Daily Java consisting of five different social media channels – Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter and Pinterest. Content is created for each channel and is posted daily to increase engagement and link clicks back to the website. Today the publication has accumulated a small readership and, as such, we have monetized the platform by adding advertising space and a coffee business directory.

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