Client:  The ProcureGroup

Brand: The Daily Java

We would like to launch an online platform initially targeted to the US coffee market. We require a minimalistic brand design with a operational team to support the platform. – The Procure Group, Justin Kettle

We presented the client with various names and the name DailyJava.Co was the chosen names for the digital platform targeting coffee lovers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and small business owners within the coffee industry.

We developed a suitable value proposition targted to the local US coffee market and a brand identity that would work for our desired market. We developed the website platform, set up all social accounts and developed a full marketing and content plan.

Next, we set up a operational team to run the online publication according to the set plans. The platforms engagement continues to grow as we look for new ways to engage users. We recentlymonetized the platform by adding advertising space as well as a business directory.

Additionally, we measure and report on all campaigns monthly to ensure that we stay on track.

Thank you for assisting me in turning my vision into a reality. – Justin Kettle